Types of Tools Needed for Making Cuts in Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain tiles are quickly becoming a popular choice for re-tiling jobs. With a water absorbency rate of 0.5 per cent at most, the tiles are virtually water-resistant and can be used in wet rooms including bathrooms and kitchens. Porcelain tiles are also perfect for commercial establishments since they can withstand the high traffic and chemicals here.

The considerable strength of porcelain tiles comes from the vitrification process of their manufacturing which transforms them into a glass-like material with a dense internal composition. But its most evident weakness lies together with its strengths. Without the right tools from tile cutter suppliers, it is virtually impossible to cut these tiles. The tiles additionally have a considerable weight which makes their cutting all the more challenging. The following are some of the must-have cutting tools essential when working with porcelain tiles.

Manual Tile Cutter

This is used for making straight tile cuts. Straight cuts are unpredictable since porcelain tiles from different manufacturers have their specific tolerances and characteristics. If you are not very sure of a tile’s characteristics, try scribing its cutting line twice and break the tile gently while rocking the lever with every pull so that you coax the tiles to break. This way you can learn how much strain the tile can take. With a manual tile cutter, you will only need a small mark on the tile’s surface to make an accurate porcelain tile cut quickly.

Hand-Held Tile Saw

This is ideal for all cuts other than straight ones. The saw is hence used for shaping tiles meant to accommodate a room’s sockets, taps, and door details. Using a hand-held tile saw involves a long and challenging process. You should, however, take your time and let the saw advance naturally rather than force it to cut since this will affect the cut’s look.

Table Tile Saw

This is used as an alternative for hand-held tile saws for long cuts since it is easier and more comfortable to use compared to the latter. The critical element to consider when buying a table tile saw is its size. You should ensure its size matches that of your porcelain tiles. Small tile saws, for instance, have small blades which can make cuts measuring not more than 12×12 inches. Some table tile saws offer wet cutting for an immaculate tile cut.

Tile Nippers

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These are essentially pliers which are hardened using carbide to make them strong enough for cutting into porcelain tiles. They are the most basic tool for biting off huge chunks of material from your tile to trim the edges or make round holes. There exist parrot beak and standard tile nippers. Parrot-beak nippers are used for precise cuts like round holes while standard nippers suffice for cuts on thin tiles.

Along with the above tools, ensure you have protective gear when cutting porcelain tiles. These include tough gloves, face masks, and safety goggles to prevent injuries from the shards and dust flying off the tile when being cut. The primary reason people shied off from porcelain tiles in the past was the difficulty in working with them. The tools above have, thankfully, considerably eased this nowadays. You can now benefit from the strength of porcelain tiles in your constructions without worrying about how to cut them.

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