Top Smart Devices to Have to Keep Your Home Safe

Exterior of a residential property

Winter is the perfect time to go on vacation. You can spend an entire week in a cabin while taking a few hours on the road for snow tours. However, having no one at home could catch the attention of criminals.

Theft is one of the most common crimes reported in the U.S. Here also comes in burglary, robbery and home invasion. Burglary involves entering a house or an establishment to commit a crime. Meanwhile, home invasion is the act of entering an occupied residence with force, regardless of whether there are people inside during the attack.

So, what are the best ways to protect your home from such incidents, especially when the whole family is on vacation? One answer: outfit your home with various smart devices. As you start looking for motorcycle rentals in Utah for your snow tours, make sure to look for the following smart gadgets, too, to protect your home.

Smart Plugs and Lighting Timers

Invest in lighting timers and smart plugs to keep your home safe while you are away. For as little as $25, you can purchase a smart plug that you can control remotely, and set it on a specific time. You can even buy ones that you can set up on Away Mode, so it will automatically turn on and off on strategic times. Doing so will somehow make it look like someone is staying inside your home.

Security Cameras

Installed cctv cameraCCTV cameras are always ideal in any home. But if you do not have enough budget to set up a lot around your property, then mounting some fake cameras can also do the trick. Having a dummy camera can give burglars and criminals a feeling of being watched, which, in turn, would make them hesitate to break into your home.

Smart Locks

Another option is to install smart locks. What makes these devices a smart choice for homeowners is that they eliminate the need for having physical keys around you all the time. You can connect these locks to an app on your phone to create a code remotely. Doing so will let you decide who can go in and out of your house when you are away. You will get a notification every time they come and go. You can then disable their access without collecting any key.

Smart Thermostat

Meanwhile, you can install a smart thermostat inside your home to help maintain the temperature inside. Moreover, it can also help protect your pipes during winter and protect your plants or pets inside during summer. A smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature inside while using the outside temperature as a reference.

Keeping your home safe while you are away will give your family the peace of mind that you all need to be able to enjoy your vacation. There are many other devices that you can also install to keep your home protected from crimes. You can check the internet for more gadget ideas or ask a few of your friends about it.

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