Top Reasons Social Connections Are Important to Seniors

Social connections are crucial to seniorsAs one changes, their needs will change as well. Seniors don’t just need physical and mental exercise to fight the negative signs of aging or Alzheimer’s, they need to make and maintain social connections. It is important to their wellbeing.

Experts from a retirement community in Davis County cite the following reasons social connections should matter to seniors.

Social Capital and Enforcing Norms

Social capital is one of the foundations of connection, trust and participation. The three are important to the wellbeing of seniors because they boost their overall health.

If a senior lives in a community or neighborhood that is willing to help each other even with the smallest of tasks, they live better and even longer. Places such as these have high social capital, meaning the neighbors trust each other and are willing to lend a helping hand when the need arises.

An environment with high social capital is able to enforce certain norms such as regular gatherings that help keep seniors connected to people around them.

Save Lives

When a senior lives in a community that looks out for each other, they tend to live longer. This is the case because the people in the neighborhood follow certain norms such as regular screenings for different kinds of diseases.

This results in faster detection of potentially life-threatening ailments during its early stage. The cognitive decline in high social capital neighborhoods is also lower, meaning lower risk for mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Community Matters

The older one gets, the more they’ll need social connections to enjoy their golden years. Community plays an important role because it keeps seniors connected. This connection makes them look forward to tomorrow and not sink into depression for a life that is passing them by.

You can do your part in keeping your senior loved ones feel the love by visiting them regularly when they decide to live in a community. The new friends they make are also important to their wellbeing; so help them choose a home that has a caring atmosphere.

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