Termite Invasion: Measures to Prevent an Infestation

Termite Exterminator Working

Termites are considered the worst enemy of homeowners. Termites can invade your home undetected, slowly destroying the wood until all the lumber has been eaten. How can you prevent this particular kind of pest from infesting your home? These are some preventive measures you can do in your home.

Treat the Wood

When you are still in the process of building your home, you can treat all wooden fixtures with boron wood preservative. This particular chemical protects the lumber from termites, beetles, and carpenter ants. You can also prevent decay-causing fungal growth with it. Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have long used such a chemical successfully.

Eliminate Moisture

Termites love moisture, especially moisture inside wood in your home. You can keep termites from eating away at the wood of your home by eliminating any sources of moisture. You can check for leaky faucets, pipes, and AC units. Repair if necessary. You can also check for damage to your home’s fascia, soffits, and roof. Finally, you can check your drainage system for proper drainage.

Prevent Moisture

You can also prevent moisture from ever forming within the vicinity of your home by ventilating the basement, the attic, and crawl spaces you may have. Ventilation helps keep these isolated areas dry and free of moisture. Additionally, you can make sure that the weather cladding of your home can withstand wet weather. You can also check window or basement mortar for looseness.

Schedule Inspections

To the untrained eye, a termite infestation is difficult to notice until it is too late. To detect termite infestations early, you can schedule an annual inspection with a pest control expert. Pest control knows the signs in a home that indicate termites have already invaded.

With the termite preventive measures above, you can rest easy about insect infestations in your home. You can follow these measures to protect your property and furniture.

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