Start Blogging Today And Grow Your Income

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Blogging is a proven way to grow your business revenue and increase your revenue stream. Retaining the services of a skilled expert increases your chances of success and lets you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Fun Fact: There are more than 500 million blogs on the internet, making up almost a third of the 1.7 billion websites in the world.

Sad Fact: Only a handful of these blogs generate some form of income, despite huge earning potential.

Successful bloggers generate thousands of dollars from their sites each month. Pro bloggers make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Can you replicate this kind of success? Yes, and working with a seasoned Utah SEO expert can even lower the learning curve.

Start on the right note

There’s more to blogging than putting up content on your website. You must pick a niche, define the target market, and decide on monetization. Successful bloggers do all this before picking out a domain name or a hosting company.

Like any successful business, blogging is a game of numbers. Your ability to draw people to your website determines your level of success. Successful sites boast massive web traffic, with thousands of page views per day.

To hit these numbers, you must find a way to resonate with your audience and keep them coming back for more. Getting the right keywords, building subject authority, and offering helpful solutions to your readers gets you there.

Work on your online visibility

On average, webmasters create more than two million posts daily as they work towards growing their readership and web traffic. That means you’ll be up against the stiff competition when launching your blog. And a high likelihood of having your blog sink into the deep abyss that’s the internet.

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But only if you neglect working on your online visibility. See, Google is the best driver of organic traffic – the best type of web traffic. The search engine uses up to 200 signals to rank a website on the search results pages. Pages that rank at the top of the results get the most organic traffic.

Luckily, you don’t have to address all the 200 ranking signals to earn yourself the number one spot. Just cherry-pick and address the most crucial ranking signals – content authority, loading speeding, mobile-friendliness, and user experience. You also need to build a formidable backlink profile, address technical SEO, and site security to rank high on SERPs.

Choose the best monetization methods

Your choice of monetization method depends on your area of specialization and your business model. For instance, if you run a brick and mortar store or offer a service, you can use the blog for lead generation. Such a blog connects you to people looking to buy goods and services that you provide and directs them to your location.

Alternatively, you can monetize your site by becoming an affiliate marketer. Huge companies such as Amazon and eBay depend on affiliate marketers to drive their online sales. Affiliate marketing sites direct web traffic to these online stores. You earn a commission for each item a customer coming from your site buys from these retailers.

Start on the right note

Despite stiff competition, blogging is an excellent way to grow your business revenue or personal income. Retaining the help of a skilled digital marketing expert assures you of success and skyrockets your income.

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