Making Home Decorations Using Epoxy Resin

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There are so many ways you can create beautiful pieces of home decor from epoxy resin. Professor Geoff Gibson mentioned that epoxy resin has an ability to bond well with fibers. You need to check what materials you want to incorporate because ideas can be endless. You can add touches of nature by adding flowers, leaves, and so on.

You can easily find hardware stores and suppliers of concrete and grout products, screws, wood, tools, plastic, glue and other things you might need. Here’s a guide for you:

Decide on Your Designs

If you want people to be reminded of the beach, then you can add sand, sea stars, or sea glass. It is important that you have an idea so that you can have a certain theme for your house. You can use materials that are unique and native to your location.

Look for a Workspace

It can get really messy making epoxy resin home decorations. It is important that you have a clean and organized work area to avoid any disaster.

Gather Your Tools and Materials

Depending on what decoration you want to make, you may need a few tools. Some of the most important ones are sandpaper, cloth for wiping, a tiny brush to dust off any dirt, a saw for cutting, and a stirring rod to help you mix the components. Glue can also be handy and a bucket for mixing will be very helpful.

Using Epoxy Resin

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There are two components used here, which are the resin and the hardener. Both are clear liquids and when mixed, turn into a cloudy liquid. Carefully pour equal parts of each to ensure a stabilized output. You should not stir the mixture vigorously to avoid trapping air bubbles in between. Use a clean and dry container when mixing them. You can also use specific pigments for the resin, which you can buy in art and craft stores.

It is very simple and easy to use and you can pour this mixture on your cast or mold. Keep the unused resin and hardener in airtight storage away from sunlight.

Sanding Your Resin

There can be some imperfections on your work of art and the best way to get rid of them would be to sand and buff it. Wet sandpaper is best for sanding resin. Make sure the surface is clean before you do this process. After you have seen that most of the imperfections are gone, you can start buffing. Do not forget to remove all the dust from the surface. A final touch of a clean cloth after buffing will let you see its beauty already.

Finishing the Look

You can choose a polishing compound that will help it appear clearer and glossier. This will add a finishing touch and protecting factor to your epoxy resin decoration. You can use this together with your buffing pad as well. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes and then wipe off any dirt. That is now your final and finished epoxy resin product.

Once you finish your home decor, you can give it to your friends and family as gifts or you can also start selling them. This is a hobby that you can start from home and turn into a business. Aside from home decors, you can also turn epoxy resin into furniture and jewelry using the same process.

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