Make Your Garden Healthier and More Beautiful in Three Ways

gardener watering the plants and flowers in the garden

Gardens and lawns require constant maintenance, if you want to maintain their healthy look. Let weed grow, and it would compete with the plants for nutrients and give the space an untidy look. Litter, meanwhile, reduces a garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Here are three ways you can maintain a healthy, beautiful garden.

Clear Out Any Unwanted Object

Often, gardens and lawns are riddled with rocks and other waste objects. These not only cause mechanical injury to the plants, but also make the lawn untidy. So, it’s best to remove them immediately.

You can also consider hiring a tree stump removal company in Tauranga to uproot any stumps in your garden. Some occupy large areas, reducing the space available for planting. Tree stumps can also attract termites, which might attack other wooden structures around your home.

Apply Fertilisers

Plants require minerals to be healthy. Some soils, however, may not have enough nutrient content to make plants grow well.

Some turn to organic matter to make up for the lack of nutrients. The decomposition of dead animals and plants releases nutrients that plants need into the soil. Others, meanwhile, use fertilisers to enrich the soil. Ensure that you seek information about the right kind and amount of fertilisers for your garden plants.

Water the Garden Regularly

Watering your garden is an important activity, especially during dry seasons. New seeds and seedlings need your attention; they do not have established root networks that let them absorb enough water.

It is advisable to water the garden either early in the morning or late in the evening. Watering plants during a sunny afternoon can dry up the water. Worse, the water could heat up and damage the fragile seedlings.

Owning a beautiful garden or lawn does not require much. All you need to do is weed the garden, apply fertilisers and water the plants. In time, you will have a healthy garden — a great reward for your efforts.

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