Maintenance for Sidings: What Are Your Options?

Guy washing siding with brush

Sidings have a lifespan of four to six years. Their durability, however, is determined by the surrounding’s condition and weather. Sidings used in mountain places have a shorter lifespan compared to those used in temperate regions. Every homeowner should, therefore, monitor the condition of the sidings to ensure that they are in good condition always.

Wood siding replacement

Wood sidings contribute to your home’s aesthetic appearance. When the sidings start to rot, it compromises the house’s beauty. This is the time you focus on repair or replacement.

In the case of a storied house, hire a custom siding company in Salt Lake City to undertake the repair. Some companies even offer to clean your windows in the process of repairing the sidings. Painting the wood sidings with a protective layer may help increase their durability by limiting their contact with water.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl sidings, along with metal sidings, are deliberately made to withstand harsh conditions. Unlike wood sidings, vinyl sidings are more resistant to moisture and high temperatures. The nature of their surface makes them easy to clean too. In fact, running water from the rain helps remove some of the dust that may have adhered on the vinyl surface. Their flexibility increases their resistance against breakage when exposed to bending forces.

Stucco siding

One limitation of stucco sidings is that they are quite susceptible to attack by woodpeckers. Woodpeckers tend to prefer building their nests on houses containing stucco sidings. The holes made by the birds may allow the entry of water during fall resulting in the rotting of any wooden structures covered by the sidings. Additionally, the presence of nests around your house may make it look untidy. Therefore, always ensure that any open holes are covered promptly.

The amount of care given to sidings determines their durability. Always check for cracks or holes in your house’s sidings to see if there is a need to conduct some repair.

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