Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Overcome Exercise Plateaus Fitter than Ever

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Someone who’s still getting the hang of driving a manual transmission car knows that losing momentum could make the engine stutter or stop completely. Similarly, the slightest hint of hesitation or a minor disruption could have a negative effect on your workout routine. The fitness world calls this a plateau.

Exercise plateaus often occur due to an abrupt stop in your fitness routine, resulting in your body no longer being responsive to the said routine. Don’t let it discourage you, though. With the proper mindset and discipline, you can rise up from the ashes.

Be Clear About Your Fitness Goals

With various types of workouts available, you will surely find one that matches your lifestyle. For example, you can take up water aquafit exercise if you love being in the pool. You can go for pilates if you want to improve your flexibility. Or you can try out the sports-inspired Body Attack which, as mentioned on, builds up strength and stamina.

Choosing a fitness routine that aligns with your interests is not enough, though. You need to be clear about your fitness goals. A definite goal lays down something concrete which brings out your determination to do well.

Figure Out the Reason for the Plateau

An exercise plateau could hit you randomly. More often than not, however, there is an underlying reason for the plateau.

Maybe it’s a case of training too hard. Maybe your diet does not align with your workout routine. Or maybe your fitness goals aren’t exactly realistic. Take some time to determine the reason behind the plateau. A simple understanding of what’s discouraging your mindset—or your pop body, if you aren’t aware—will help you overcome it quicker

Self-assessment does wonders. But don’t be afraid to share thoughts and concerns with your trainer. It is their job to make sure you remain on the fitness path, after all. Their help, together with the right mindset and discipline, could help you emerge fitter than ever.

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