Leading Causes of Gas Line Leaks

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Natural gas remains the number one fuel source in most homes for powering water heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances. Though generally safe, it can become a serious safety hazard when it leaks from its supply lines. The risks come in several forms. The gas can, for instance, ignite and explode when it comes into contact with any naked flames. In fact, at least seventeen people die annually from natural gas explosions. Moreover, the gas reduces your environment’s oxygen levels and can lead to unconsciousness and even death in animals and humans.

An emergency plumber based in Orem should be the first person you call to remedy the issue. A rotten egg or sulfuric smell, dead landscaping patches, spiking gas bills, and a hissing sound from your gas lines are some of the standard pointers of a gas leak. Most property owners will reach for store-bought caulk and other products to seal the section they assume is damaged. While this might sound effective, it often only leads to a slow gas leak that causes grave issues within a short period. In professional repair, your plumber will first assess the cause of the leak. This way, the solutions he/she employs avert the risk of future gas leaks and effectively seal the leaking section. Here are the common issues attributed to gas leaks.

Connection and Fitting Issues

Your property’s gas fittings are the meters, valves, and pipes that transport it to your main supply line and the gas-powered appliances. The connections are the points between the appliances and these fittings. To some people, installing the fittings and connections sounds like a simple task of matching entry points. There, nonetheless, are specifically skilled plumbers for fittings and connections that should handle this task. A shoddy job often leads to gas leaks and leaves you with costly repair and re-installation expenses.

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Poor Maintenance of Appliances

Gas-powered appliances typically handle heavy use and over time malfunction owing to ordinary wear and tear. This, in turn, leads to leaks. It is essential to stick to a proper maintenance schedule for your appliances based on the appliance type and its pattern of usage.

Malfunctioning Appliances

At times, even new and adequately maintained appliances malfunction. Any issues that impede the normal flow of natural gas or its combustion will often result in a leak. This is because the gas, in this case, will accumulate and back up through its lines. Its increasing pressure breaks a weak spot in your lines and leaks through it.

Accidental Damage to Underground Gas Lines

The primary gas supply line to your property is buried underground. The pipe can be accidentally damaged during the repair of water and nearby gas lines. Accidental damage of underground gas lines can also follow earth movements that press upon it.

Even as you call a plumber to assess which of the above has caused your gas leak and intervene appropriately, you should take specific measures to protect your building and its occupants. Open all windows and doors to promote ventilation and avoid lighting matches or other naked flames. Do not also turn lights on and off or use other electrical appliances and switches since you trigger explosions this way.

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