Keep your Fuel Tank Protected: Prevent Contamination

Oil barrels in different coloursReliable fuel tank manufacturers follow a high standard of safety and quality in accordance with the Australian Standards. If you are keeping a fuel storage tank, manufacturer notes it is very important that you know how to maintain it at first hand.

You have to remember that the diesel fuel’s main enemies are bacteria and water vapour; condensation in your tank results to the expansion of microbes that can then lead to contamination of your fuel system.

This could then lead to system downtime and expensive repairs. To avoid that, you have to keep cleanliness of your fuel tank to prevent contamination. Here are some pointers to help you to prevent that in your fuel tank.

Monitor Your Fuel

Regular testing and sampling of the fuel are very important to detect any problem the earliest. You have to make sure your lab for testing follows a specific Laboratory Procedure ASTMD-4507-81 and D-4177-82 to get the best results.

Maintain Your Storage

One of the best practices in storing and maintaining diesel fuel is minimal water exposure. Some measures to lessen the accumulation of water are the insulation of fuel tank to the fuel temperature to stabilised, the use of water separators to recycle the fuel, and regular release of water bottoms.

You also have to remove the sludge from your fuel tank regularly and schedule a routine cleaning and inspection of your tank.

The Treatment

If you think that the maintenance that you have followed is insufficient causing a contamination in your stored fuel, then it is time to know the treatment needed to control the microbial growth. You also need to remove the biomass from the fuel system.

As part of the treatment, you need to do fuel polishing and scrubbing. Before using the storage tank again, you need to have it sterilised and cleaned.

If you want to protect your fuel tank to lasts longer, it pays to know how to prevent and treat contamination.

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