How to Make Direct Mail Marketing More Effective

Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is one of the most expensive marketing strategies today. How can you make it count? VHS tapes and typewriters may have been left in the last century, but direct mail is still here, and it’s still useful.

In any marketing strategy, the main goal is to build customer relationships and receive responses as soon as possible. Even in this digital age, direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers. Do you think your business will benefit from direct mail solutions? Before you go start brainstorming your campaign, here are some tips to make direct mail more effective for you:

Personalize content

Just like in email marketing, customers are more likely to read your content if you personalize it. Starting the letter with their name is the first important thing, but it shouldn’t start there. Using your customer analytics, you should be able to give them content based on their data (e.g., age, location, past purchases, etc.). In this way, they are more likely to show interest in your offer and have a higher chance of responding. Even if they don’t respond, your brand will be more relevant to them in the future when they are ready to purchase.

Use a simple format

There’s nothing more off-putting for a customer than a piece of mail that seems spam-ish. Rather than using every trick in the book to catch a customer’s eyes, stick to a simple yet attractive format that is not only easy to read, but gets to the point as well.

In your letter, include all the relevant information you want to get across on the first page. Use simple and concise sentences that anyone can easily understand. Make the content easier to read by using bullet points, bolding or italicizing essential parts, and including eye-catching images that are relevant to your cause. On a second page, you can include supplemental information that your customer may need, such as testimonials, customer service lines, etc.

Emphasize your call to action

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The most important part of your direct mail is the Call to Action. A COA can include a link to your website, the phone number of your business, or an event that you are holding. In any case, your call to action must be clear, concise, and attractive enough to encourage your customer to follow it. Repeat the call to action statement multiple times throughout the content and in strategic places, such as in the middle, sides, and at the end of the page.

Measure your results

After your marketing campaign, you can measure its effectiveness by estimating the percentage of responses that you’ve received through direct mail. Whether it shows good numbers or not, measuring the results will let you create a better marketing strategy for next time.

Direct mail is not dead, but using it as a marketing strategy requires careful planning and implementation to be effective. Never stop learning about the latest strategies and studies that will benefit your campaign and your business.

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