How Japanese Innovation Is Changing the Modern Toilet Race

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It is amazing how yesterday’s simple toilet has evolved into something so innovative and sanitary. With a simple research, one can tell how big of a difference toilets were before compared to these day’s toilets. Back in the day, people use primitive latrines. It took ages before the modern flush toilet was invented. Nowadays, we can easily buy wholesale bathroom supplies in stores including modern toilets, bath spouts, and vanities. This makes it effortless to build our dream bathrooms.

Whether you are building or renovating your bathroom, one important investment you need to make is buying the right toilet. Maybe you already have a few toilet models in mind. But if there is one innovation that is making waves in the toilet world, that would be Japan’s high tech toilets.

What’s So Different About Japanese Toilets?

Any foreigner who comes to visit the Land of the Rising Sun is mesmerized by how innovative Japanese toilets are. In Japan, toilets have warming seats. Sensors eliminate the need to touch the toilet seats while the courtesy music makes it easier for you to do your private business.

Most Japanese toilet seats have a bidet and a posterior wash that allows you to adjust water pressure and temperature. These have self-cleansing or sterilization nozzles that ensure the cleanliness of the nozzle. There is also an air deodorizer that ensures the toilet smells good and fresh.

Configuring Japanese toilets is easy. You need to use the remote control near the toilet seat or the wall-mounted remote panel. Some Japanese toilets already have English-written controls. Others feature standardized pictograms to make it easier to read the function of each button.

Since these are Smart toilets, they make use of electricity to power the toilets. One may think with all the special features involved, such toilets waste too much water and energy to operate. But in reality, these have energy and water-saving features, letting homeowners like you save more money and energy even with constant use.

Not all households in Japan already adapted high-tech toilets. But most houses have their bidet toilets with tone-downed features. According to news, up to 76% of Japanese households use electronic toilets.

Are Japanese Toilets Better Than Other Modern Toilets?

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For most people who already experienced using high-tech toilets in Japan, many would say they would love to have such a luxurious toilet in their home. For one, it’s like trading your old and ordinary flush toilet with a toilet from the future.

You no longer need to clean up after yourself as all it takes is a couple of taps to wash and dry yourself after each toilet trip. Most smart toilets have their own deodorizer and self-cleaning nozzles. These features make it a lot more convenient and hygienic.

These smart toilets are also eco-friendly. Less energy and water is used to flush and operate the toilet. You also get to reduce your toilet paper usage, thus adding to your savings.

Every one of us has our own preferences. Those who can afford high-tech toilets can choose to invest in one or not. It is always up to you on which toilets works best for your budget and your preferences.

Why Japan’s Famous High-end Toilets Are Not Famous Worldwide

One can easily find high-tech toilets in modern buildings like airports, hotels, and restaurants in Japan. But like any innovation, there are times when a certain technology fails to diffuse in a country. In most parts of the world like the U.S., high-end toilets still fail to gain traction.

One reason is due to cultural differences. In Japan, people value cleanliness and hygiene. It shows in how they keep their surroundings, how they wear masks when they are sick, and even how they keep their bodies clean.

Visit a restaurant in Japan and you will be greeted with towels and hand towels. Their old bathrooms have bidets while newer buildings feature Smart toilets. They don’t simply use toilet papers after doing their personal business make use of water to clean themselves up.

Then there’s the price tag associated with purchasing Japan’s high-end toilet. Not everyone can afford to shed five digits for their toilet seat alone. As of to date, these unusually smart toilets are a lot more common in the Pacific Rim like Singapore and Australia.

It is nice to know that toilets are not left behind when innovators craft new tech innovations. If such high-tech toilets are way out of your range, you can always turn to modern flush toilets and add a high-tech toilet seat instead. These have the same features as Japanese high-end toilets but you only need to buy the toilet seat instead of the whole toilet.

Who would have thought that from primitive latrines, toilets would turn into one of today’s most sanitary bathroom solutions? Even with its humble beginnings, toilets prove to be a human need and a great way to upgrade a bathroom. Whether you prefer modern flush toilets or Japanese toilets, it all boils down on your budget and preferences. If there is one thing for sure, that is the fact that Japan’s high-tech toilets are a wonderful innovation that is changing the modern toilet game.

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