Here are the Signs of Delayed Accident Symptoms Post-Car Accident

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While we think that injuries happen immediately after a car accident, that is not true. There are many delayed signs of injuries that we can get from a car accident. We are often so shocked by the accident that we may not realize that we are hurt.

Here are some delayed accident symptoms that you should look out for after you get in a car accident.

Pain in Neck or Shoulders

Neck and shoulder pain could be a sign that you have another injury, such as a spinach injury or a herniated disc. It is also a common sign that you could have whiplash. It would be best if you kept an eye out for pain in your neck or shoulders.

You may not notice the pain until a few days after your accident happened. Again, you need to visit a doctor right away if you feel any pain in those places. Remember, it can be hard for you to get compensation or your medical bills paid if you get delayed symptoms.

You should hire a personal injury lawyer here in Salt Lake City if you feel some pain after the accident and confirm that the accident caused it.

Numbness or Tingling

After an accident, you may feel some tingling or numbness on your body, which means that you could have a pinched nerve or herniated disc. It can cause huge complications and severe pain if you do not treat it right away.

If you think that you have a tingling or numbing sensation on your body after an accident, you should see a doctor immediately.

Back Pain

back pain

You could have a lot of issues if you experience back pain after an accident. You may not notice the pain until a few hours pass, but some people may not notice the pain until several days after the car accident. Some problems that you may have when you have back pain are whiplash, sprain, spinal injury, soft tissue injury, or a herniated disc.

If you have back pain and tingling or numbness, it could be a sign that you got pinched nerves. You must seek professional medical attention immediately if you have back symptoms because these conditions can create mobility challenges and severe pain.

Dizziness or Headaches

If you have a headache or feel dizzy, you may have whiplash, neck injury, blood clot, or a concussion, but you may not realize it right away. Even if you think that a small headache after a car accident is not serious, you should visit a doctor immediately.

Traumatic brain injury is a risk for every car accident survivor; if you get violently thrown in the car or hit your head, it could cause damage to your brain tissue along with bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Do not blame a small headache on stress – get a check-up right away.

A car accident can be traumatic so that you might have PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. You might notice that you have a hard time controlling your responses or emotions. You may even have trouble sleeping or have a huge change in appetite.

Sleep disturbances and nightmares could also be an issue. If you have any of the symptoms, you should visit a counselor or a doctor.

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