Green Spaces as Work Spaces

Plants in the office to make it more lively

Home offices have moved past little corners you can tuck away when you’re done working. They now take actual space, perhaps because the work-life balance is hanging by a precarious thread. Home-based work often involves being online as well, and if it means conferences and camera shots, you will need presentable space for all that you have to accomplish.

In fact, home offices do not have to be technically indoors. It has been established that green spaces are good for one’s health. What if they can be good for your job too?

Garden Arrangement

The stresses of work can be hard to manage in the office. You have to hold it all in until you’ve accomplished your tasks and hopefully unwind before you go to bed. When things are especially hectic, you might hold on to work stress for extended periods. Now, imagine if you didn’t have to do your job at a boring cubicle. There are plenty of garden room ideas that can fit your work office setup, and being surrounded by beautiful plants in a calming setting might help you control work stress and be more aware of your emotions. The fresh, scented air will also be a way to recharge without leaving your desk.

Natural Lighting

Office with natural source of ight
These days, you will notice that popular spaces for work outside the office mimic natural lighting as much as possible. Your local cafe does not choose their lighting fixtures just so you can have amazing selfies. The lighting impacts the ambiance, which is beneficial when you need to concentrate and harsh lighting is your enemy. Even at home, positioning your work area in a space that gets natural light will help you be more in tune with your surroundings. It may also help you adhere to a schedule, as daylight hours give way to evening, your workday comes to an end.

Unpredictable Surroundings

One of your enemies when at work is stagnancy. This isn’t just about the work that you do; it’s also about the way you do it. For office-based jobs, not much can be done about the work hours or arrangements. However, you can find ways to challenge yourself to do something different every day to bring back the joy in your job. You could be at a coffee shop and instead of going to your usual spot, you change your perspective by choosing a different table. Those who do remote work have the opportunity to create each day as uniquely as possible. You could stay at home and work in a different part of the house, or be in your garden room and let nature’s unpredictability surprise you. You will feel less isolated if you get a visit from butterflies or birds, and you can’t predict when cloud formations overhead give you a fun story on your break.

Your work situation need not be a boring part of your life. With proper planning and attention to detail, it can be close to nature and as fun as possible.

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