Far From the Truth: Fantastical SEO Strategies That Mislead

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In today’s digital landscape, a website is becoming a valuable asset to any business. For many companies, it serves as a virtual storefront for their business on the internet. It is through your site that people find information about the things you’re offering to them.

If you want to market your site well, you must learn how to run an online marketing campaign. One good way to ensure its success is to have a well-planned search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The thing is, SEO is not as easy topic to learn. It requires a fair amount of experience and knowledge to understand how it works. Because of this, many businesses commit mistakes that would harm their campaign.

To prevent this from happening, it pays that you do your own research to widen your on this matter. To start off, listed below are some SEO practices you must refrain from doing.

Using Duplicate Content

Writing unique and relevant content can be difficult, but this is not an excuse to copy other’s work. Every provider of SEO services in Sydney would know how important a quality content is. That’s why it’s necessary you invest in one. You always have the option to hire someone who can write down everything you want. So rather than copy-pasting, go for a content that truly describe your business. After all, content is an essential factor in strengthening your SEO strategy.

Building Links on Bad Sources

Link building is a vital ingredient in making your site rank higher. Nowadays, experts are debating on whether it still counts. The answer is, yes. However, you have to be careful about where to submit your links. Unlike before, Google has manual actions which could send down your rankings immediately. Rather than focusing on the quantity of submissions, it’s best to focus on quality first. You may also urge your customers to write or tag your business on their profiles. These are considered organic and quality submissions.

Focusing on Desktop over Mobile

If it was years before, optimising the desktop view may make sense. As of today, however, this no longer works. Based on the most recent usage data, mobile searches have increased immensely. Additionally, Google has recently rolled out the mobile-first update. This approach is what the name implies which is optimising your site on mobile view. This is their response on the ballooning number of mobile users. It also promotes faster indexing. So if you want to make your website more appealing to the majority, you have to start following this update.

Having Irrelevant or Too Many Keywords

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Keyword stuffing is a no-no practice. Rather than targeting the user search, you’re confusing crawlers and bots. In case you’re not aware, Google has banned this practice long time again. Your website may even be penalized for doing so. This will certainly ruin your chance of ranking higher or even appearing on search results.

When’s the last time you check and update your SEO strategy? If you can’t barely remember when, then this is the best time to look at it again. When you do, be sure you take note of these lessons and apply them accordingly. If you think you need further assistance, you may always hire a help.

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