Biz Guide: 3 Essential Items a Restaurant Should Have

Owner standing in front of his restaurantJust like other types of businesses, a restaurant needs to be equipped with the right tools. These items can be expensive, but are necessary for the successful operation of such a venture. If you’re planning to open your own restaurant, here some of the important things you’ll need.

1. Equipment

Of course, restaurant-grade appliances and other devices are needed to operate a food business. For one, you have to invest in cooking equipment, including ranges, ovens, deep fryers, grills, and steamers, and devices like blenders, grinders, mixers, and slicers.

There should also be a refrigerator or freezer for cold storage. To clean dishes quickly and properly, you’ll need a commercial dishwasher. Additionally, ice machines, soda fountains, beverage dispensers, and food warmers will come in handy in a restaurant.

2. Ware

For preparing, cooking, serving, and eating food, your restaurant will need different types of ware. Pans, pots, ladles, tongs, spatulas, whisks, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and knives are just some of the kitchenware essentials.

To serve food and beverages, you must have serving plates and bowls, platters, pitchers, salvers, wooden or resin trays, condiment containers, or dispensers, etc. Then, your tableware should include plates (e.g., appetiser, bread, salad, and dinner), soup bowls, cups and saucers, glasses, and silverware.

3. Furniture

Some pieces of furniture will also be needed for a restaurant. In the kitchen, shelves and utility carts will provide easily accessible storage units, while stainless steel commercial work tables and stations are necessary for food preparation.

If you’ll open a self-service style restaurant or some form of it, you should have counters or tables where customers can place, pay for, and get their orders. Finally, there must be tables and chairs for dining in the main restaurant area.

You may have to shell out a significant amount of money to properly equip your restaurant, but it may eventually prove to be money well spent when your venture takes off.

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