America’s Top 3 Pizza Styles You May Want to Taste

Famous Deep Dish Pizza

One of the most popular dishes in the world, pizza is liked by most kids and adults. If you’re traveling to Chicago, St. Louis, or New York, make sure not to miss these local favorites.

Discovered in the 1700s, it has become impossible to escape the allure of America’s most favorite dish: pizza. Back in the day, Naples was trying to get back on its feet and had laborers working hard to earn a living. There was a need for inexpensive food that was also filling, which is why pizza was born. There were not too many varieties available back then, with the queen favoring the one topped with mozzarella cheese.

If the only pizza you’ve known is Neapolitan and New York, then you’re in for a treat. There are other delicious variants of America’s favorite dish and knowing the difference matters, especially if you’re planning to try them all. Cities across the United States have come up with their own version of pizza, and here’s a quick rundown.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Originating in Chicago, deep-dish pizza has a thicker layer of toppings and has more cheese due to its thickness. The preparation of a deep-dish pizza is different from the usual one. Toppings are placed upside down and cheese is added last, to prevent burning it.

St. Louis Style Pizza

Unbeknownst to many, Minnesota has a variety of pizzas, too. Thin crust, almost like a cracker, and topped with provel cheese, this St. Louis Minnesota style pizza gives a new take on New York-style pizza. What makes it so special is it is a mix of cheeses such as provolone, mozzarella, and cheddar. It is also cut into squares, unlike the typical slice of pizza.

New York Style Pizza

This perhaps is the most popular pizza of them all. New York style pizza is often topped with grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce and is usually thin. They come in large, triangular slices and are meant to be folded to make them easier to eat.

Pizza has indeed evolved, but remains to be the world’s favorite go-to meal and can be found virtually everywhere.

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