Alternative Uses for Home Furnishings

Interior design of an apartment

Whether you’re furnishing a brand-new home or want to consider buying new furniture for your home, you need inspiration. You could find surprising furniture pieces that you could use as part of your home decor.


Ottomans, Moroccan pouffes and other footrests are flexible furnishing pieces that can be used as decor. Place a decorative tray on it, and you can use them as a coffee table in the living area. In the bedroom, footrests can be used as a side table for your nightlight. If you have a bare mantel, entryway or sofa table, you can purchase small footstools online to make it look more interesting instead of a bare surface.


Aside from repurposing your vintage trunk into another coffee table for your sitting area, you can place a cushion on the cover for a unique bench. Install a cushion top with a hinge so you can still keep it as a storage space. You can also mount wheels on your trunk to make them more mobile.


You can use curtains not only for windows but also as a partition and insulation. Place them behind your door during the cold season to keep the draught away. You can also use curtains to cover shelves for a more organised appearance. You could also use a curtain to hide an open closet.

A curtain could be used to create a reading nook, where you can place it as a privacy curtain. A curtain could also be used as a partition for a small room.

Home furnishings, furniture and décor can cost a lot of money, so it helps if you can find a way to repurpose these furnishings for other uses. You can try these alternative uses for home furnishing and décor items to make your home interesting.

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