4 Important Details to Remember When Installing a Staircase

Stainless steel handrail

Now that you finally decided to install a steel staircase in your property, it is time to start implementing the project. But are you aware of all the details that go into installing a staircase? If no, do not fret, as most individuals find themselves in such a situation when installing a staircase for the first time.

Below are the important details to focus on when installing a steel staircase in your property:

1. The Application

Are you installing the stairs in your home, workplace or in a public place? Different places have building requirements and you need to determine your application to know the construction codes you should abide by.

2. Measurements

The different measurements you need to specify is the height, width and spacing of your staircase. The measurement specifications are part of the regulations, but there are some modifications to suit your preference.

3. Handrails

Whilst handrails are not a necessary addition to a staircase, they are essential for safety purposes. Most of the handrails are about 40 inches in height with a spacing of fewer than seven inches. The spacing from both sides of the stair should be about four inches. Similar to the specifications of the staircase, several policies dictate the placement of handrails.

4. Aesthetics

A staircase is usually the centrepiece of a building or room. Therefore, you need to ensure that your staircase is appealing and serving its purpose of permitting access to space on the upper floor. You can install some accessories to improve the appearance of the staircase and create a masterpiece.

Steel staircases are a common preference among many residential and commercial property owners because of their longevity and functionality. However, many details go into delivering the right staircase that complies with the building regulations and meets the requirements of the property owner.

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