4 Convincing Reasons You Should Use Rain Water More

rainThe beginning of the rainy season comes with jubilation for many home-owners. Rain brings with it a lot of glad tidings, one of which is fresh water.

It’s the perfect time to bring out water tanks and tap into this natural resource. This, of course, does not mean that water from other resources is bad, but that rainwater is simply better. Here are four reasons why.

1. Rainwater is free.

One of the primary reasons people love rainwater is that it does not cause a dime. The fact is water bills can really add up over time.

In an economy where the cost of living is on the increase, people are always on the lookout for ways to cut expenses. Rainwater provides an option. All you need is to invest in one or two slimline tanks, and you are all set.

2. Rainwater is healthier to drink.

Since rainwater does not contain many of the pollutants contained by water from other sources, it is safe to drink even when not boiled.

As it is devoid of pesticides, fertilisers, and other contaminants, natural freshwater tastes better too. However, it is important you use appropriate method to trap so that the water remains clean.

3. Rainwater lathers easily.

Because it is soft, rainwater lathers very easily. This makes it easier to clean clothes while saving on the soap. Tap water from other sources, on the hand, contains minerals that make it difficult to lather.

4. Tapping rainwater is eco-friendly.

Harvesting rainwater reduces run-off that is usually the cause of floods during the rainy season. Indeed, if all households invested in rainwater collection systems, the floods witnessed over the years would significantly lessen.

Harvesting rainwater has clear economic, social and environmental advantages. If you haven’t taken advantage of this natural resource in the past, this is the year to do so.

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